Goal Imagery vs Fantasy

Fantasy is a type of imagery in which one imagines scenarios that are not close to reality. The success of goal imagery comes from the fact that the images provide a clear direction for one to take action today in terms of present possibilities. For example, imagining that you are dating a celebrity is daydreaming because there is no feasible path today in terms of present possibilities, but that’s not to say there won’t be a path tomorrow. Goal imagery on the other hand goes something along like this: You want to have a successful youtube channel. The action is making youtube videos every week which slowly grows into that youtube channel in the same way series of drops lead to a full bucket. Thus you envision what a successful youtube channel would look with a few months of effort, then you envision the action you can take today. There is a clear connection between the action you visualize and how it leads to the goal.
Most people daydream (fantasize) all day on autopilot which is hindering success in the present. They dream about what they would do if they were rich or famous.They lose time that could be used doing something productive or having strategic visualizations. These fantasies also have a harmful effect besides time wastage. If you start imagining a world in which you have everything that you want, you start to become relaxed and demotivated. You start to develop what is known as “mastery” mentality which is what happens when one thinks that they have already arrived at a goal. A master has nothing else left to do so they live by inaction. Visualizations that gear more towards the “beginner” mentality are more motivating because the beginner has a lot of work to do.
My advice is to practice meditation a few minutes a day. This will train you to become aware of yourself. Thus, if you ever find yourself fantasizing throughout the day, you can shift your focus to something else. Also, start of spending about 10 minutes a day imagining the goals you have and the successful present possibilities that will eventually lead you to that goal.


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